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Efficiency in motion

Efficiency in Motion

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Bull Robotics specializes in providing mobile robotics solutions that prioritize autonomy, reliability, and scalability. They offer the highest quality products through valuable collaborators as Seer Robotics in China or Capra Robotics in Denmark.

As a proud member of Spanish Association of Mobile Robotics (ARME) and a key player within the robot manufacturing company DTA, Bull Robotics is at the forefront of cutting-edge technology in the field.

Their distinctive symbol, featuring tech-inspired bull horns, is meticulously crafted based on the circuit diagram of a motherboard. These geometric shapes serve as the foundation for a cohesive set of graphic elements that underscore the brand’s hi-tech identity.

We have developed a comprehensive graphics language that seamlessly integrates brand messages, graphic elements, colors, and the logotype into triptychs. These visual elements are strategically deployed across various touchpoints, reinforcing the brand’s identity.

Our carefully curated color palette is used with varying intensities, tailored to specific needs. The vibrant orange exudes energy and power on social media, communication materials and the exhibition booth, while the sophisticated black and white take center stage in corporate environments, on the website, and in stationary.

The Bull Robotics website is a statement of their in-depth market knowledge, boasting a minimal yet bold design. A single-page layout that summarizes Bull Robotics’ working methodology and the development of our mobile robotic ecosystem, presented through a series of overlapping content modules.

Special thanks to PUM! Studio (Development)

The fonts on this project are KH Teka from KH Type, Nort Mono from ATK® Studio and AeonikFono CoType Foundry.

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