Redefining the concept of success

The world has changed, and so has the way we work. Thus, the meaning of success has also changed. Bikain was founded to redefine the concept of success: There is quality of life when there is quality of professional life.


A human resources company that walks by your side as you develop your professional career. A new model based on a close relationship, empathy, and each individual’s unique needs.

Headquartered in the Basque Country and with the objective of redefining success, bikain (excellent, in Basque) was the name suggested to connect the company’s purpose to its surrounding culture and society. We developed a brand vision beforehand so we could define the personality, values, and tone, creating a brand concept as a foundation to build the identity. We transformed the K in the logo into a handwriting element which, along with the lines in the visual system, represent a close relationship and trust. The midnight blue contrasts with the lines’ color palette, which takes all the spotlight in communication materials.

Special thanks to Estudio Brillante (Strategy).

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