It is always possible
to walk in new ways


WIP—We are proud to collaborate with the leading company of a new category on the food sector. We’ll be helping to redefine their identity and digital product along this year.

WIP—As prominent company developing tools for managing the editorial and operational sides of video distribution services, BeBanjo trusted us to update their brand  visual language and website in an ongoing collaboration. We will be able to show you more along the year.

Studio—We are pleased to welcome Natalia Salazar as our Studio Manager. She will be putting order in our everyday processes. Hi, Natalia!

WIP—If you train your team to be the most effective devs, why not other people, too? Focused on B2B and with a no-nonsense approach, this new Developers Academy is meant to enhance your devs team.

Studio—This is where the magic happens! OFICINA B is the space we share with Enorme >, Alegría >, Extudio >, Wanna >, & D12 >. Located right on top of Mercado de Mostenses, you can stop by to say hi!