—Our studio gathers a team of identity and digital designers that work together to bring your brand’s identity to life. Openness, great communication and an endless search for inspiration is what brings our multidisciplinary team together.

We believe that every project is special, and an opportunity to bring the best in us and our clients.

Everyone’s opinions matter at Paseo. We strive to work in a natural and open way that allows brand and digital designers to be connected at all times. We love asking questions and exchanging thoughts throughout the whole process of ideating, defining and designing a brand. We work fluidly, allowing iterations in our method to adapt to our clients needs. We pay attention to detail and believe that every project is important no matter the scope, a result of internal collaboration and seamless communication with our clients from start to end.

We count on our trusted net of collaborators to reach every scope of project, incorporating specialized profiles in strategy, research, motion design, coding and more. This allows us to keep growing while preserving the studio core, and at the same time is a source of inspiration for us. Our studio is always open to learn, and on fridays we bring different profiles over for a chat and to learn about their work and life approach. We are always looking for new ways to make Paseo grow.