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Food is pleasure, is health, is connection and a pause. It is a way of taking care of oneself and others, something to celebrate. This spirit set the tone for the new brand.

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Wetaca is the first online subscription service revolutionizing the way people enjoy meals. With a focus on providing customers with authentic, chef-crafted meals, it has quickly established itself as a leader in Spain. In less than a decade, Wetaca has gone from a start-up to a thriving business with over 100 employees and a yearly revenue of 13 million euros. With a reach that spans across most of the peninsula, it has built a loyal customer base and a reputation for delivering delicious, high-quality meals.

As the company embarks on a new phase, they decide to undertake a comprehensive brand overhaul. The scope of this project goes from the review and creation of a new brand strategy and brand identity and a new design system for their website and private zone. We later developed the digital assets in REACT and delivered them in a library that simplifies the work of Wetaca’s development team.

The project had a duration of 8 months, during which Paseo worked in every phase. The design team was supported by a net of collaborators, brand strategists, digital design, illustration, UX writing and coding to exhaustively cover every step of the process.

For the brand identity, we needed to let go of the “startup look&feel” that was naturally present in the previous brand. The goal was to take Wetaca from a service-driven, digital startup that focused on online ordering to a product-based company, centered around food.

The team’s aim was to communicate the joy of food and the feeling of enjoyment. The brand’s logotype is reflective of foodie attributes that are present in the typeface election. A soft, buttery and pillowy font (VC Honey) is altered to create a custom wordmark with softly flared strokes, giving the feeling of lightness and sumptuousness at the same time.

We also designed a symbol which takes its form from the containers that are used to transport the dishes from the central kitchen to doors all over the country. The rounded, flexible shape is turned slightly to convey nonconformity and constant movement. This shape becomes the central part of the visual system. It turns, grows, multiplies and moves to be able to support different messages.

The visual expression of the brand opts for a vibrant and spirited personality that expresses itself through colorful, high contrast layouts with friendly shapes and a combination of icons, illustrations and photographic resources.

Color-wise, we update the brand’s existing color to match the new visual language and digital displays to obtain a bright, grapefruit color that is the seed for the new chromatic personality for Wetaca. The brand’s master color palette is developed in warm tones that reflect on different aspects of the service, from the freshness of food ingredients to urban life and culture. The palette is amplified to a wide range of tones in the spectrum, offering more diversity to appear across the entire product range and key visuals like illustrations, stickers and social media.

The flexible typographic approach features
different typefaces to be used in headings distinctly, depending on the message.

Original Sans is the main typeface for headings. A rotund, powerful grotesk inspired by the very first sans-serifs, with unconventional italics that are used to make certain parts of the message stand out, fragmenting sentences into modules. On the other hand, a classic, rounded serif, VC Honey, is paired with the classic, rounded human details of Souvenir. A combination particularly suited for transactional headings and social media copy. DM Sans, a low-contrast, geometric sans, is chosen for the body copy due to its scalability and legibility in small scales and digital formats.

Paseo sets the guidelines to the ever-expanding illustrative universe that magnifies written messages and visually translates them into a fun, casual and revealing set of illustrations. They are based on prepared meals, fresh produce and miscellaneous objects related to the brand. Combined with stickers, they help amplify the copywriting and make it more inviting and lively.

We named it “Táper Design System”, based on the containers from Wetaca and it is a set of rules and design guidelines that unify the visual language of the brand. It is based on modules, following the Atomic design methodology. The smallest modules, also called atoms, are grouped into bigger modules with added functionalities. As components become bigger groups they get more complex and start building the structure of the interface.

Finally, we designed the web in Figma and developed the atomic system into a library of React components, hosted in the platform Storybook to be used by the team of developers at Wetaca.

The icons are designed to be scalable for small screen sizes and to be responsive for various uses in the website while at the same time keeping an appealing look when scaled up. The design system was conceived along with Wetaca’s team of UX & Development. We came up with a solution that was flexible and scalable, and could grow with the business. The design system will evolve everyday as it is adopted by many different departments inside the brand, from marketing to design, coding, business development, etc.

With its updated design and appetizing brand identity, Paseo has updated Wetaca and endowed it with a new brand personality that will take it from startup to a digital business.

A global process where we have worked successfully with the client and a great net of collaborators from the strategy to the visual interface.

Many thanks to Wetaca‘s Product Design and Development Team. Campaign photos by Wetaca. Special thanks to Estudio Brillante (Strategy), Jaime Liñán (Brand Identity), Fernando Roldán (UX & UI), Ruth de la Torre (UX Writing), Pablo Pino (Web Illustrations) and PUM! (React Development).

Font used in this project is Original Sans by Commercial Classics, VC Honey by Very Cool Studio and DM Sans by Google Fonts.