Pure balance

Sierra+DeLaHiguera is an interior design studio founded in 2017 by Inés Sierra, Mer Sierra, and Javier de la Higuera. 

This project was born of the need to express their evolution as a business. After beginning with a focus on retail and the restaurant industry, they reached a stage where they decided to move on to residences. Here, they met the needs of increasingly demanding clients.

We updated their logotype with a more geometric approach, where the R is protagonist. Given how long the name is, we developed a «responsive» version of the logotype for use in smaller formats.

We built the graphic language based on the typographical palette and the color, striking a balance between classic and contemporary, which is a key element in how they tackle their projects.

We worked side-by-side with them to create a new communication strategy and to raise visibility for their services. This is where the idea for a Gallery came from: a furniture gallery with a blend of one-of-a-kind pieces, limited series, and custom-made editions that expand S+DLH’s visual universe. Direct purchase of items is also available.

The website’s architecture is a product of this duality. The Gallery is present, while the spotlight still shines on residential architecture, and we differentiate the browsing experience through both of these sections on the website. Take a look

Special thanks to Ángel Pérez Pedrosa CSSKiller (development).

«From the very beginning, Paseo Studio made us feel heard. They perfectly understood what we wanted to communicate and impeccably expressed it through our new image and website. We believe that the result is a success, achieved in record time thanks to our flexible, fluid communication. We are very pleased with the process and the results we obtained.”

Inés Sierra, Co-Founder S+DH

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