The future doesn’t exist, engineer the now

Ten years from its foundation, RedRadix reaches Paseo to update and refresh the way they communicate their business.

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A complex, yet simple problem. The company is much more than what it seems. Perceived only as a digital development business, RedRadix actually provides end-to-end solutions by uniting technology, strategy and simplicity. The result: digital design projects that generate impact.

The brand is defined by its vision: “The future doesn’t exist. Engineer the now”. A sharp perception of digital ecosystems and an innovative way of working shared by the founders and clients everywhere; and a firm belief that they “solve the problems others can’t” with their holistic approach to digital solutions.

Our task for the new brand is to make it evolve, while preserving the brand pillars and core; an exercise that requires self-reflection and a glance back to the origin of the brand. We take the asterisk as the main element of the brand identity. A symbol that has evolved through the years, but has always been present in the company. It now gets transformed into an animate element, able to transform and adapt to different inputs and situations.

Choosing red as the brand color is also a statement to go back to the start. The color palette hosts analogous colors to red, with variations in brightness which gives us a consistent and homogenous palette that is also very versatile for every project and asset of the brand. We also create a secondary color palette to set apart the company’s in-house projects and assets while maintaining the identity.

The logo gets an update based on NB International, sharping its corners, and a small change that makes all the difference: from Redradix to RedRadix. The naming gets a revision and a capital “R” to simplify pronunciation.

From the very first moment, we have worked as a single team with Paseo. Not only have we achieved our goals in a very committed time, but we have also learned and grown with them during this seamless and exciting journey. We are very happy with the result, and I hope we continue to collaborate.

Diego Bergantiños — Redradix Client Experience

The finishing touch is a digital tool that gives flexibility and autonomy to RedRadix’s team by modifying the visual aspect of the asterisk through different parameters: orientation, lenght, width, radius, etc. A digital insight into design that allows their team to create new visual assets in the brand color palette and export them into images and videos.

Special thanks to Juan Ramírez (Strategy Director), for an exceptional repositioning and narrative.

Fonts used in this project are Degular Display by OH no Type and General Sans by Fontshare.