—Fiscal Resilience

City Leader Guide on Fiscal Resilience

The City Leader Guide on Fiscal Resilience is a digital tool created by the Bloomberg Harvard City Leadership Initiative to help government teams in US cities to diagnose and tackle fiscal challenges.


Paseo worked alongside Bloomberg’s team on an initial investigation, interviewing mayors and members of government teams in several different cities all around the United States.

Working with Bloomberg’s technical team to design ideas, we came up with the solution to create a digital repository that is under constant growth. A website that makes it easy for local government teams to access resources related to fiscal challenges that have been overcome, and thereby to identify springboards for change to pull cities out of crisis and lead them to economic recovery.

Working with Paseo on the Fiscal Resilience Tool was absolutely fantastic. Thanks to their creativity, flexibility, and willingness to deliver the best product, we were able to transform a lengthy report with lots of information into an easily usable tool that has been leveraged by city leaders to improve the lives in many communities.

Fernando Fernández-Monge Cortázar, Senior Associate Bloomberg Harvard City Leadership Initiative

Special thanks to Fernando Fernández-Monge Cortázar, Silvia Ferpal, Sara Enríquez and PUM! Studio.

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