—Clínica Durán

The dental clinic that cares beyond your smile

A brand that begins with strong human values and a redefinition of care. Architecture and design united to bring warmth to dental practice.

Clinica Durán is a dentist practice founded in 2009. After several years of business growth, they decided to scale up by opening a new location where they can improve their service range.

Their new space, designed by Febrero Studio, is a reflection of the warmth and high professional standards of the clinic.





When they approach Paseo to refresh and align their brand with their new space and core values, the architecture project is already underway. This sets a starting point for the brand where materials, colors and light become a source of inspiration to spark the design process and tie the identity together.

The presence of a tree in the center of the hall and the green hue of medical garments is the base for the color palette. A natural, elegant moss green is the main color and ecru is the secondary color, complemented by light blue and pink.

We chose a combination of sans and serif typefaces to articulate distinctly both sides of the clinic: the simplicity of the sans and the sobriety and elegance of the serif. A duality that is translated into the logo as well. Paseo also designs the signage for the clinic, where we balance utility and seamless integration with the spaces projected by Febrero Studio.

With this new visual identity, we agreed with the client to work on the digital presence of the brand, which is now disconnected from the new language that the brand and space have set. We rework the web from the structure, and later apply the new visual assets.

The brand is complete with the creation of a series of still life images to be used in the website and on site. Inspired by architecture, fashion and design, we created imagery that strays away from standard dental imagery and helps elevate the visual universe of the brand.

The result is a simple identity. Colorful but understated, elegant and calm at the same time. A brand to communicate the personal treatment and peaceful atmosphere present in the clinic.

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Special thanks to Mel Seser (Photography) and Pablo Huertas (Development).