The best way to travel is by making real connections

Because traveling shouldn’t be a riddle, it should be a ride.

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Blimey wants to open the door to the world for Chinese tourists. In the end, it’s all about people. Traveling to learn, to enjoy, to discover what’s out there. Because sharing experiences brings us together and it’s what makes the trip an unforgettable experience.

Blimey believes in connect the east and the west by making things simple and adapt Chinese digital environments to European systems so that you don’t have to worry about it. By erasing all hassles from everyday transactions, Blimey free the way for real experiences to happen.

We worked on a full branding project including a process of naming definition together with Nom-Nam, the claiming and naming agency based in Barcelona. Blimey is an expression of surprise or excitement, it means amazement for something. And, in the end, traveling is discovering and being surprised by what’s out there.

The identity is built up on a logo and a symbol that reflects the technological yet human character of the brand. The rounded shape in the symbol, combined with an extracted square, represents the two worlds, but also movement and a door that is opening to the world for Chinese tourists.

As a technology-based company, Blimey believe in its power to benefit all involved by creating connections and uniting everyone under the same language.

Designed with the business needs of Blimey in mind, our illustrations represent both abstract concepts and iconic, explanatory elements. These visuals serve to help Blimey’s clients understand what they do.

The web we designed helps Blimey building a network of partners to amplify their service, bringing their tool even further. By simplifying transactions, the web connects the European market and China.

Since the very beginning, we knew we had made the perfect choice—not only because of their portfolio and experience, but because the entire team, each and every one of them, listened to us, understood us, and provided guidance. They managed to articulate what we couldn’t, sculpting a brand identity that resonates with us, honoring our origins while boldly illuminating our path forward. And they accomplished all of this through conversation.

Antonella Rodogno, COO & Co-Founder of Blimey

Special thanks to Belén Cabello and Berta García

The typography on this project is Roobert from Displaay

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