TV and VOD done right

BeBanjo is a technology company that developing tools for managing the editorial and operational sides of video distribution services.


Built around a vibrant visual language based on pipes, the new look enhances Bebanjo’s approach of connecting players who are in the business of video distribution. These pipes change shape and color on each of the different products, delivering a distinctive icon that reinforces their individual identity.

We worked closely with Bebanjo’s team to define a new user interface that was clear and simple. The oversized icons and the color palette work as distinctive elements for each product page, while a dark background, combined with a softer version of the icon’s colors, define the company section.

After applying the new visual language to the website, the logo looked outdated and out of tone, so we restyled it to match the new look.

Special thanks to Bebanjo (UX & Development) and David Saenz (Illustration).

Font used in this project is Roobert by Displaay Type Foundry

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